Welcome to Lokesh's Favourite game, DIGGER!!!!

The Control keys are as below:-

Move:- Arrow keys.
Fire:- F1 (MAY NOT WORK!!).
Change Speed:- Press + or -.
Restart/Abandon Game in Progress:- Press F9.
Switch 1 and 2 player mode:- Esc on the Title Screen.
Note: Click on the Java applet to give it focus if it does not respond.

The Digger Remastered Java port is by Marek Futrega / MAF. Visit Official Digger Remastered Website for more Info.

Sound and many of the "Remastered" features such as VGA graphics, keyboard redefinition, gauntlet mode, 2-player simultaneous mode and recording have not yet been implemented.

Author of the Original Digger game is Rob Sleath.

Digger Remastered (by Andrew Jenner. His personal Website: http://www.reenigne.org) is also available for download as:

1) DOS - Digger Remastered  2) Windows - WinDig,

If this game is not working in this page, Please check whether JAVA is enabled in your Browser. If JAVA is enabled and still you are having problems to play this game means check this game on my different page here: kslokesh DIGGER and play..
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